01. Erik Davis, autor de Techgnosis,
entrevista Peter Lamborn Wilson
(aka Hakim Bey)
02. Carl Abrahamsson: Why Another
Park Then
03. Magus Coyotel Leyba: Ritual,
Rite and Dance
04. Vadge Moore, excertos do seu
próximo livro
05. Chad Hensley apresenta o seu
Pornography of Words e
entrevista Boyd Rice
06. Center for Tactical Magic: Sigil,
Logos and Lucky Charms
07. Critical Art Ensemble: Plagiarism
08. Entrevista a Antero Alli sobre 8
Circuit Brain
09. Brian Dean: How to Frigthen a
10. Andrew McKenzie formula
algumas questões
11. Stefan Szczelkun: An Occultural
Open Archive
12. Entrevista com Orryelle
13. Entrevista ao colectivo ciberpunk
de body art Aesthetic Meat Front
14. Vincent Alexzander: Avant

CD :
01. Cotton Ferox: Escapism
02. Aesthetic Meat Front:
Conflagration of Pain - Flames of
Evolution (Death)
03. Enki[d]ada: Crystal Skull
04. Hybryds: Snow
05. MILF: Peak Time
06. Strings of Consciousness: Me
Gusta the Sound of Corn Going
07. Orryelle: Rota
08. Controlled Bleeding: Grinder
09. O Yuki Conjugate: [untitled]


released April 25, 2015




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Thisco Oeiras, Portugal

THISCO is a portuguese record label & book publisher featuring: Merzbow, Rapoon, Master Musicians of Joujouka, Lasse Marhaug, Terre Thaemlitz, KK Null, Mimetic, Jarboe, Von Magnet, Ah Cama-Sotz, Francisco Lopez, Alan Courtis, Kenji Siratori, Martin A. Smith, Flint Glass, Philippe Petit, Critical Art Ensemble, Vadge Moore, Controlled Bleeding, Z´ev, Hakim Bey… ... more

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