1. A Swarm of Us ( Digital )

  2. Apophenia Cd Ep ( Available soon )
    Rasalasad vs Shhh...

  3. Magnethism Cd Ep ( available soon )
    Rasalasad feat . Von Magnet and Wildshores

  4. Thisturbia Cd Ep ( available soon )
    Rasalasad vs Amantra

  5. Thismorphia CD
    Rasalasad feat. Jarboe, Merzbow, irr.app.(ext.), Smell&Quim, Von Magnet,Emil Beaulieau, etc.

  6. Thistonal k7
    Rasalasad feat. irr.app.(ext.) and Smell&Quim

  7. Hiroshi Hasegawa / Rasalasad Split Tape
    Hiroshi Hasegawa / Rasalasad

  8. Anarco-Queer? Queercore! Book
    Rui Eduardo Paes

  9. Live @ Livraria Ler Devagar ( Digital )
    Shhh vs Rasalasad

  10. Evan Parker - X Jazz , graphzine / sketchbook de André Coelho
    André coelho

  11. Powerful Red Remixes ( Digital )
    Expose Your Eyes

    Martin A. Smith

  13. XX P.M. ( Digital )

  14. Metaphoria ( Digital )

  15. + Volume 2, CD
    shhh,,, with Dave Phillips, Thisquietarmy, Anla Courtis, Philippe Petit , Martin A. Smith

  16. + Volume 1, CD
    shhh,,, with Zenial, Bolt, Fragment., Cris X ,Francisco Lopez.

  17. Dust of Dreams, CD

  18. Money, CD

  19. Bestiário Ilustríssimo (2ª ed.) Book
    Rui Eduardo Paes

  20. Saccades ( digital )
    Simon Crab ( ex: Bourbonese Qualk ) featuring Guapo and Geoff Leigh ( Henry Cow , Ex-Wise Heads )

  21. Bestiário Ilustríssimo II : Bala Book
    Rui Eduardo Paes

  22. Seven Pillars of Fire (excerpt) CD

  23. Antibothis 4 - cd+ book featuring Z'ev,KK Null, Cindytalk,V. Vale,Joe Coleman,Murcof, Scanner,Crimethinc, etc
    Various artists.

  24. Antibothis 2 - CD + book anthology
    Hakim Bey, O Yuki Conjugate, Controlled Bleeding, Boyd Rice, Critical Art Ensemble,Erik Davies, etc.

  25. Carnival of Souls, CD
    Lasse Marhaug

  26. Kosmo Incognita (excerpt) CD
    K.K. Null

  27. Deadline Now, CD
    Phil Von ( Von Magnet )

  28. "a" maiúsculo com círculo à volta - book
    Rui Eduardo Paes

  29. Festa Privada na Selva ( digital )
    Black Taiga

  30. Antibothis 3 - CD + book featuring John Zerzan, Adi Newton e Jane radion Newton, The Master Musicians of Joujouka,Lydia Lunch, etc
    Various artists

  31. Narcoleptic Cells (excerpt) CD
    Randy Grief + Kenji Siratori

  32. Paik Sessions 2 - Music for the Vide-O-Belisk, cassete edition.
    Various artists

  33. This is Thisco, vinyl compilation.
    shhh, Broto Verbo, Sci-Fi Industries, Euthymia, Thermidor, Structura, M-Pex, etc.

  34. Blame the Lord, CD
    Sci-Fi Industries

  35. Scorpio Rising - book
    Ondina Pires

  36. Chthonic : Prose & Theory - book
    Vadge Moore

  37. Shape Your Shade, CD
    Spies under Von Magnet influence

  38. Quatro 4 IV, CD compilation
    Himalayha+Dream Metaphor+Vysehrad+Eletrólise

  39. Pushing the Envelope, CD
    Another Headache

  40. Bløt og Mono Middagshvil, CD
    Tore H. Bøe + Anla Courtis

  41. Antibothis 1, CD + book anthology
    Rapoon, Phil Von, Jarboe, Socialfiction,Andrey Kiritchenko, etc

  42. Personal Plot, CD
    Mimetic Tale

  43. Riyaz Master, CD
    Black Sifichi, DEF, Mimetic, C-Drik, Servovalve, Wild Shores, etc.

  44. Asuna, CD

  45. Lahva, CD

  46. Space.Scape, CD

  47. Poema Seis, CD

  48. The Sleeper Has Awakened CD
    The Sleeper Has Awakened

  49. Low Lights, CD

  50. Final Cut, CD
    MIkroben Krieg

  51. PMDS, CD

  52. This is Industrial PT, CD compilation
    Mikroben Krieg, Sci-Fi Industries, PS vs Sektor 304, Structura, Violet and the Mutants,etc.

  53. Endotica (digital)
    Walt Thisney

  54. Drafts and Crafts, CD
    Sci-Fi Industries

  55. Give Me Ambiguity or Give Me Something Else, Split CD
    Mikroben Krieg + Sciencia + shhh...:

  56. 1929, CD

  57. Fiery Silence, CD

  58. Thisagree & Shadow, CD compilation
    shhh, Hist, Novembro, M-Pex, Partisan Kane, Rasal.Asad + Jarboe, etc.

  59. Electronic Thisturbance, CD
    Von Magnet, Jarboe, Terre Thaemlitz, Francisco Lopez, Raslasad, Telepherique,Gx Jupitter Larsen

  60. C:\>_Thomar, CD Compilation
    Stereoboy, Zentex,U-Clic, Waste Disposal Machine, Tatsumaki, Urb, Euthymia, etc.

  61. Phado, CD

  62. Milk Orchestra, CD
    Ultra Milkmaids + Vance Orchestra

  63. Architectural Development CD
    Sci-Fi Industries

  64. Ladrões do Tempo, CD

  65. Air Cutter, CD
    Sci-Fi Industries

  66. New Under the Volt, CD
    Slow Soldier

  67. AtlanThis, Digital compilation
    Ps, Mystified, Thermidor, Sci-Fi industries, Wedding Noise, Low Pressure System,etc.

  68. Thiscotronica, CD compliation
    Rasal-asad, Shhh, Sci-Fi Industries, Mikroben Krieg, L´ego, Low Pressure System, etc

  69. Seek and Thistroy, spilt CD
    Tatsumaki + City of Industry + Devhour

  70. This Will End in Tears, CD compilation
    Policuska, Mr. Gasparov, Sci-Fi Industries, Dream Metaphor, URB, Structura,etc.

  71. Someareweird, CD

  72. Sloppy Seconds, 2xCD
    Flat Opak + Slow Soldier

  73. I Sing the Body Electric ( CD )
    Waste Disposal Machine

  74. Thiscology, CD Compilation
    shhh, Flat Opak, Rasal-asad, Mikroben Krieg,Sciencia, Low Pressure System, etc

  75. 6.Factor.ep, CD EP
    Sci-Fi Industries

  76. The Shock of This Light - Double CD compilation
    Shhh , Flat Opak, Sci-Fi Industries, F.E.V.E.R., Mikroben Krieg, Slow Soldier, etc.

  77. Symptom of Thisease, split CD
    The Beautiful Schizophonic + Cría Cuervos + Bio

  78. Elektro:Shock De:Light, 2xCD compilation
    Shhh..., Sci-Fi Industries, Cottonoir, Flat Opak, Zpoluras, Blasaure, Nitya, Thermidor, etc.

  79. Thisobidience, CD compilation
    Rasal-asad, Sci-Fi Industries, L´Ego, Mechanosphere, Ultimate Architects, Ghoak, etc.

  80. Thisoriented, CD compilation
    Rapoon, Sieben, Mimetic, This Morn'Omina, Spies-Implant:,Ah Cama-Sotz, etc.

  81. Thisconnected, CD compilation
    Bourbonese Qualk,Troum,Column One, Sci-Fi Industries,Mimetic Mute, etc.

  82. Sinmatic Layers, CD

  83. Dead People on Stylish Chairs, CD
    Sci-Fi Industries


Thisco Oeiras, Portugal

THISCO is a portuguese record label & book publisher featuring: Merzbow, Rapoon, Master Musicians of Joujouka, Lasse Marhaug, Terre Thaemlitz, KK Null, Mimetic, Jarboe, Von Magnet, Ah Cama-Sotz, Francisco Lopez, Alan Courtis, Kenji Siratori, Martin A. Smith, Flint Glass, Philippe Petit, Critical Art Ensemble, Vadge Moore, Controlled Bleeding, Z´ev, Hakim Bey… ... more

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