1. MAGA - Colecção de Ensaios sobre Banda Desenhada e afins.
    Indíos, Depressão, Manga, Cultura Pop, Anime, Zines, Comix e DIY

  2. Endotica (digital)
    Walt Thisney

  3. Saxtanic ( digital )
    Walt thisney

  4. Festa Privada na Selva ( digital )
    Black Taiga

  5. + Volume 2, CD
    shhh,,, with Dave Phillips, Thisquietarmy, Anla Courtis, Philippe Petit , Martin A. Smith

  6. + Volume 1, CD
    shhh,,, with Zenial, Bolt, Fragment., Cris X ,Francisco Lopez.

  7. Bestiário Ilustríssimo (2ª ed.) Book
    Rui Eduardo Paes

  8. Bestiário Ilustríssimo II : Bala Book
    Rui Eduardo Paes

  9. Money, CD

  10. Saccades ( digital )
    Simon Crab ( ex: Bourbonese Qualk ) featuring Guapo and Geoff Leigh ( Henry Cow , Ex-Wise Heads )

  11. Etopia (digital)
    Walt Thisney

  12. Antibothis 4 - cd+ book featuring Z'ev,KK Null, Cindytalk,V. Vale,Joe Coleman,Murcof, Scanner,Crimethinc, etc
    Various artists.

  13. Antibothis 2 - CD + book anthology
    Hakim Bey, O Yuki Conjugate, Controlled Bleeding, Boyd Rice, Critical Art Ensemble,Erik Davies, etc.

  14. "a" maiúsculo com círculo à volta - book
    Rui Eduardo Paes

  15. Dust of Dreams, CD

  16. The Sleeper Has Awakened CD
    The Sleeper Has Awakened

  17. Paik Sessions 2 - Music for the Vide-O-Belisk, cassete edition.
    Various artists

  18. This is Thisco, vinyl compilation.
    shhh, Broto Verbo, Sci-Fi Industries, Euthymia, Thermidor, Structura, M-Pex, etc.

  19. Blame the Lord, CD
    Sci-Fi Industries

  20. Kosmo Incognita (excerpt) CD
    K.K. Null

  21. Seven Pillars of Fire (excerpt) CD

  22. Deadline Now, CD
    Phil Von ( Von Magnet )

  23. Antibothis 3 - CD + book featuring John Zerzan, Adi Newton e Jane radion Newton, The Master Musicians of Joujouka,Lydia Lunch, etc
    Various artists

  24. Scorpio Rising - book
    Ondina Pires

  25. Chthonic : Prose & Theory - book
    Vadge Moore

  26. Carnival of Souls, CD
    Lasse Marhaug

  27. Shape Your Shade, CD
    Spies under Von Magnet influence

  28. Quatro 4 IV, CD compilation
    Himalayha+Dream Metaphor+Vysehrad+Eletrólise

  29. Poema Seis, CD

  30. Final Cut, CD
    MIkroben Krieg

  31. This is Industrial PT, CD compilation
    Mikroben Krieg, Sci-Fi Industries, PS vs Sektor 304, Structura, Violet and the Mutants,etc.

  32. PMDS, CD

  33. Low Lights, CD

  34. Antibothis 1, CD + book anthology
    Rapoon, Phil Von, Jarboe, Socialfiction,Andrey Kiritchenko, etc

  35. Drafts and Crafts, CD
    Sci-Fi Industries

  36. AtlanThis, Digital compilation
    Ps, Mystified, Thermidor, Sci-Fi industries, Wedding Noise, Low Pressure System,etc.

  37. Give Me Ambiguity or Give Me Something Else, Split CD
    Mikroben Krieg + Sciencia + shhh...:

  38. New Under the Volt, CD
    Slow Soldier

  39. 1929, CD

  40. Narcoleptic Cells (excerpt) CD
    Randy Grief + Kenji Siratori

  41. Fiery Silence, CD

  42. Thisagree & Shadow, CD compilation
    shhh, Hist, Novembro, M-Pex, Partisan Kane, Rasal.Asad + Jarboe, etc.

  43. C:\>_Thomar, CD Compilation
    Stereoboy, Zentex,U-Clic, Waste Disposal Machine, Tatsumaki, Urb, Euthymia, etc.

  44. Bløt og Mono Middagshvil, CD
    Tore H. Bøe + Anla Courtis

  45. Phado, CD

  46. Riyaz Master, CD
    Black Sifichi, DEF, Mimetic, C-Drik, Servovalve, Wild Shores, etc.

  47. Seek and Thistroy, spilt CD
    Tatsumaki + City of Industry + Devhour

  48. Pushing the Envelope, CD
    Another Headache

  49. Someareweird, CD

  50. Milk Orchestra, CD
    Ultra Milkmaids + Vance Orchestra

  51. Architectural Development CD
    Sci-Fi Industries

  52. Personal Plot, CD
    Mimetic Tale

  53. Ladrões do Tempo, CD

  54. Air Cutter, CD
    Sci-Fi Industries

  55. Electronic Thisturbance, CD
    Von Magnet, Jarboe, Terre Thaemlitz, Francisco Lopez, Raslasad, Telepherique,Gx Jupitter Larsen

  56. Thiscotronica, CD compliation
    Rasal-asad, Shhh, Sci-Fi Industries, Mikroben Krieg, L´ego, Low Pressure System, etc

  57. This Will End in Tears, CD compilation
    Policuska, Mr. Gasparov, Sci-Fi Industries, Dream Metaphor, URB, Structura,etc.

  58. Sloppy Seconds, 2xCD
    Flat Opak + Slow Soldier

  59. I Sing the Body Electric ( CD )
    Waste Disposal Machine

  60. Thiscology, CD Compilation
    shhh, Flat Opak, Rasal-asad, Mikroben Krieg,Sciencia, Low Pressure System, etc

  61. Asuna, CD

  62. 6.Factor.ep, CD EP
    Sci-Fi Industries

  63. Lahva, CD

  64. The Shock of This Light - Double CD compilation
    Shhh , Flat Opak, Sci-Fi Industries, F.E.V.E.R., Mikroben Krieg, Slow Soldier, etc.

  65. Symptom of Thisease, split CD
    The Beautiful Schizophonic + Cría Cuervos + Bio

  66. Elektro:Shock De:Light, 2xCD compilation
    Shhh..., Sci-Fi Industries, Cottonoir, Flat Opak, Zpoluras, Blasaure, Nitya, Thermidor, etc.

  67. Thisobidience, CD compilation
    Rasal-asad, Sci-Fi Industries, L´Ego, Mechanosphere, Ultimate Architects, Ghoak, etc.

  68. Thisoriented, CD compilation
    Rapoon, Sieben, Mimetic, This Morn'Omina, Spies-Implant:,Ah Cama-Sotz, etc.

  69. Space.Scape, CD

  70. Thisconnected, CD compilation
    Bourbonese Qualk,Troum,Column One, Sci-Fi Industries,Mimetic Mute, etc.

  71. Sinmatic Layers, CD

  72. Dead People on Stylish Chairs, CD
    Sci-Fi Industries


Thisco Portugal

THISCO is a portuguese record label & book publisher featuring: Merzbow, Rapoon, Master Musicians of Joujouka, Lasse Marhaug, Terre Thaemlitz, KK Null, Mimetic, Jarboe, Von Magnet, Ah Cama-Sotz, Francisco Lopez, Alan Courtis, Kenji Siratori, Martin A. Smith, Flint Glass, Philippe Petit, Critical Art Ensemble, Vadge Moore, Controlled Bleeding, Z´ev, Hakim Bey… ... more

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